Our Business Approach

Thursday, April 18, 2024

MISA Network Map


Understanding your needs. Exceeding your expectations.

Our commitment

  • We are committed to being the best and most innovative metal supply chain solution – both for organizations who work on a global basis and for companies right next door.
  • We are dedicated to understanding and exceeding your needs and expectations for effective, responsive and dependable quality, delivery and service.

Our vision

  • We will maximize the synergies of Marubeni and Itochu in information technology, logistics, finance and human resources.
  • We will improve the quality of our services to better meet the diverse needs of our suppliers and clients.
  • We will make the company profitable, efficient and financially sound by improving its consolidated performance.
  • We will promote good working conditions for our employees to foster an open and innovative culture.

The MISA logo

Our company logo, a bird, expressed with the brilliant orange of hot melting iron, symbolizes the enthusiasm and eternal energy we bring to the iron and steel industry. The creature, gazing up at the sky and ready for flight, represents our eagerness to deliver total value at every stage – including sourcing, logistics, delivery and processing and to be your chosen provider of Global Metal Solutions.